ACSP Сommittee’s meetings were held

On 5 July 3 ACSP Committees were held, in particular.
  • Cybersecurity Committee
  • Private detective and security Committee
  • Security Directors Committee

Cybersecurity Committee was dedicated to planning of current activities. In particular, its planned to hold series of seminars on information security for HR and financial experts. The date and venue shall be set further on.

Also, joint meeting of Private detective and security Committee and Security Directors Committee was held.

During the meeting the following issues were discussed:

  • Planning of the activities
  • Discussion of II Program “Corporate Security Director”
  • Preparations for Corporate Security Conference on 8 November 2018
  • Professional Standards
  • Draft Law on “Private (corporate) security departments
  • Creation Heads of Legal Committee

It was decided to hold initial meeting of Heads of Legal Committee at 5 pm on 12 July 2018 and discuss this initiative setting plans for activities till the end of 2018 (registration for the meeting at info@corpsecurity.org.ua).