About Association

NGO Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine is a not-for-profit voluntary non-governmental organization. Its members are individuals united by common interests and the implementation of the goals, objectives and areas provided for by the Charter of the organization.

Member of ACSPU include:

  • attorneys with an extensive practical experience in protecting businesses from illegal takeovers, corrupt officials, illegal actions of law enforcement officer, and defending top managers in cases involving charges of economic and official crimes;
  • advisors with more than 25 years of experience in corporate security, designing its structures in the largest Ukrainian holdings, and the status of personal advisors to TOP 100 business owners;
  • corporate governance experts with many years of experience who are actively engaged in the legislative regulation of corporate governance in Ukraine, and provide continuous support the largest holdings in the country;
  • business information support specialists with deep and systematic experience of providing support to business not only in Ukraine, but also abroad;
  • information technical protection specialists with 20 years of experience who ensure not only the security of customer data, but also provide services for checking premises for taps and other information recording equipment;
  • physical security specialists with over 20 years of experience who work for the largest holdings and top management of Ukrainian business;
  • personnel security professionals who help design a system for identifying, assessing and minimizing risks associated with the personnel using the best international practices;
  • PR specialists who have been professionally shaping and managing the reputation of the largest corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, individuals, state authorities and NGOs for over 10 years;
  • family security specialists with many years of experience in representing clients in Ukraine and abroad on all matters relating to family legal relations, with due regard to potential risks of affecting business;
  • forensic specialists with over 7 years of experience in the large corporate sector;
  • the best Ukrainian cybersecurity experts.


Constituent documents and regulations