About Association


NGO Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine (ACSP) was founded in the end of 2014 with the aim to: create, structure and develop corporate security services market in Ukraine, including development of supporting legislation using best practices of corporate security and corporate governance.

ACSP unites best experts in the field of corporate security:

  • Attorneys-at-law, with substantial practical experience in protecting business against raiders, corrupted officials, representatives of internal affairs agencies, and protecting top -management from white-collar crimes accusations;
  • Advisors, with more than 25-years expertise in corporate security and creating corporate security units for major Ukrainian holdings, each possessing the status of personal advisors to the owners of top level business;
  • Experts in corporate governance, with extensive experience in advising  the major Ukrainian holdings;
  • Experts in informational support of business, who have been extensively advising both Ukrainian and foreign businesses;
  • Experts in technical protection of information, with 20-years expertise in advising on data security and providing  bugs detection services;
  • Best corporate intelligence experts in Ukraine;
  • Experts in physical security services, with more than 20 years of relevant experience, who have been providing services to major holdings and top-management of Ukrainian business;
  • HR security experts who assist the clients in localization, evaluation and mitigation of staff-related risks on the basis of the best world practices;
  • PR experts, with more than 10-years experience in shaping the image and reputation of the biggest corporations, individuals, governmental authorities, and NGOs;
  • Experts in family security issues, who possess substantial experience in representing the clients both in Ukraine and abroad and advising on all legal aspects of family relations with consideration of all potential risks and impact on business; 
  • Forensic experts, with more than 7-years experience in top corporate sector.

Such combined experience allows to create complex corporate security solutions aimed at localization, risks mitigation and prevention of internal and external threats for business operation

Charter documents and regulations